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We are experts in using Paid Social as a channel for everything from brand awareness, to remarketing, to direct response. Using first and third party data, we will build and motivate valuable audiences for you, staking our financial reward on your success.


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Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid Social Media is unique, and vital

The UK population spends just under 20% of its time online on social media. Users share a vast amount of personal information on social media, in turn providing vital data which acts as gold dust for your digital marketing, giving us unique insight and allowing us to craft highly relevant and valuable audiences.

We combine the third party data from social media platforms with your first party data to build you custom audiences, and then we grow your audience by mirroring your most valuable audience segments and engaging them with the right messaging.

Our Paid Social approach

We use a tried and tested methodology, combining a variety of in-house skills to craft and optimise campaigns. These include:

  • Talking to you. We want a deep knowledge of your business, brand, aspirations and audiences.
  • Data & Insight. We will understand your audience personas and their behaviour online, segmenting them for effective targeting.
  • Channel choice. We will develop a media plan designed to efficiently target your audience in a suitable environment.
  • We will empower you to judge our performance via pre-agreed forecasts.
  • From adverts to split testing landing pages our in-house teams can help prepare you for launching the campaign.
  • We collaborate on meaningful reporting for you, that differs for each stakeholder requirement in your business, and that updates in real-time.
  • Test, control, refine. Social media audiences and platforms require a dynamic approach. Once live we enter a consistent pattern of optimisation, testing and refining.

We make campaigns go faster

In social media speed wins. You need to take an agile and dynamic approach to creative. We help clients set the right pace with our in-house Creative team, providing content assets and advertising that range in complexity from native to static ads.

You have to pay to play on Social Media

There was a time when it was feasible to get traction organically on social media for a brand. Now, unless you have a John Lewis Christmas ad to share, this is becoming very difficult. The reasons for this are that the main social media owners have built vast audiences, floated their businesses, and now need to generate revenue for shareholders. That’s why social media is now a pay to play environment.

And when done well, it’s worth the investment. The granular targeting possible within social media means it can equally perform as a direct response last click channel or as a brand building or awareness platform.

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Some of our Paid Social Media expertise

We provide a range of Paid Social Media services, on an ongoing or consultancy basis.







“Outstanding team performance from the guys at RocketMill. The turnaround we have witnessed over the past 7/8 months has been very impressive, achieving demanding targets but delivering this at a decent CPA. ”
Rob Litawski
Bauer Media
Bauer Media

Video case study: How we increased Bauer Media’s subscriptions via Paid Media by 42%

Case study: How we increased NRS Healthcare's revenue by 337%

Our Paid Media services

We provide a range of Paid Media services, on an ongoing or consultancy basis.

Paid Media Strategy

Grow market share via data driven strategies from our award-winning team.

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PPC (Pay Per Click)

Increase sales or leads immediately with last click conversions.

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Programmatic Display

Communicate with the right people, at the right time, on the right device, with the right choice of media.

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Utilise the world’s best ad-tech stack to synchronise everything from your data management, to your display, to your PPC.

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Paid Social Media

Invest in brand building, engagement, leads or sales with acutely targeted activity.

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