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We power paid media campaigns via the world’s best ad-tech stack, DoubleClick by Google. Running everything from PPC to Programmatic Display, we stake our financial reward on your success.


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DoubleClick Campaign Management

Working with DoubleClick

We run Paid Media campaigns via DoubleClick for some of the UK’s most exciting brands. This experience means we work across the full tech-stack, helping clients adopt or integrate, part, or all, of the DoubleClick offering.

The benefits of Google’s DoubleClick

DoubleClick has a wide breadth of benefits when compared to the basic use of platforms like AdWords, although these benefits can be distilled down to a few key areas:

  • The biggest audience. DoubleClick is the biggest route to market in Paid Media. It allows us access to multiple search engines across the globe and over 900m websites for Programmatic Display – all in one efficient interface.
  • Using DoubleClick we can optimise multiple campaigns in one interface, across different providers, in different markets (from Google here in the UK to Yahoo in Japan). This saves us time, and you money.
  • Complex bidding strategies. DoubleClick allows insightful and complex bidding strategies to be adopted across entire campaigns in a simple format. This saves us time, saves you fees, and then means we can decrease the cost per conversion more efficiently.
  • In DoubleClick, no two channels will claim a conversion. DoubleClick uses the same floodlight pixel across all channels. This means we get clarity on what’s working and can optimise efficiently, and you get certainty in your data.
  • Sharing data. Investing in the full DoubleClick stack will allow for data to be shared across Campaign Manager (DCM), Bid Manager (DBM) and Search (DS). This will enable advanced attribution reporting, even allowing for organic data to be imported. This means we get full visibility on the interplay between different media in the conversion funnel, and we can make smarter decisions as a result – increasing your ROI.
  • Analysis. The rich data DoubleClick provides means we can work with you to unearth key insights, ranging from obvious areas such as channel performance, to creative performance, to the channel interaction down the conversion funnel. This is a key enabler in us working with you to improve your overall digital marketing strategy.
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Our DoubleClick expertise

We provide a range of DoubleClick services, on an ongoing or consultancy basis.


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“Outstanding team performance from the guys at RocketMill. The turnaround we have witnessed over the past 7/8 months has been very impressive, achieving demanding targets but delivering this at a decent CPA. ”
Rob Litawski
Bauer Media
Bauer Media

Video case study: How we increased Bauer Media’s subscriptions via Paid Media by 42%

Case study: How we increased NRS Healthcare's revenue by 337%

Our Paid Media services

We provide a range of Paid Media services, on an ongoing or consultancy basis.

Paid Media Strategy

Grow market share via data driven strategies from our award-winning team.

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PPC (Pay Per Click)

Increase sales or leads immediately with last click conversions.

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Programmatic Display

Communicate with the right people, at the right time, on the right device, with the right choice of media.

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Utilise the world’s best ad-tech stack to synchronise everything from your data management, to your display, to your PPC.

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Paid Social Media

Invest in brand building, engagement, leads or sales with acutely targeted activity.

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