We'll get your systems talking to each other.

We enable deeper understanding by combining data.

Disparate data sources and incompatible systems are the enemies of insight.

By integrating internal and external systems, we can create a definitive overview of your customer data, empowering decision-making across your organisation.

Get a canonical view of how people buy from you.

Marketers must have multiple tools, databases, and reporting platforms to perform effectively.

Each tool provides a unique perspective on your customers and business performance. Immense value lies in being able to consolidate the information from these tools to create a holistic view of performance; however, relatively few will integrate seamlessly with others, and laboriously exporting and combining data is rarely a fruitful exercise.

We understand the problems faced when trying to marry-up disparate data sources. Our Data & Insight team has the technical expertise to design and implement the right solution for your unique set of tools and requirements. Whether it’s connecting Google Analytics and Salesforce, consolidating online user surveys and screen recordings, or combining back-office databases with marketing performance reports, we’re on hand to deliver for your business.

Our Data & Analytics Services.

Automated Digital Marketing Reporting

Real time reporting tailored for your organisation, from the C-Suite to the Marketing teams.

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Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Empower your decision making with actionable insight.

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Google Analytics & Tag Manager

From implementation through to customisation and insight, we’re qualified to help you.

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Machine Learning & Predictive Analysis

Design algorithms to empower your business on challenges such as customer segmentation and churn prediction.

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Data & System Integration

Create a definitive overview of your customer data, empowering decision-making.

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Case Study

How We Used Data to Accelerate B&CE’s Business Growth

B&CE tasked RocketMill with building a digital measurement solution they could use to inform change across their business – and to develop it quickly. As a rapidly-growing financial company, the business was generating increasing levels of data but were struggling to manage, and trust, it.

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Finding the metric that matters

Making intelligent decisions about what to measure is an increasingly important skill for anyone working with large datasets. Head of Data & Insight, Rhys, explains how.


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