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Data and insight isn’t just about what happened yesterday – it allows you to plan for what will happen tomorrow. Customer segmentation, churn prediction and lead scoring are among some of the challenges our team have solved with algorithmic techniques. Our work helps tackle issues before they arise, automates business processes, and identifies opportunities that are easily missed with traditional data analysis techniques.


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Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning is evolving

The use of data within marketing is evolving rapidly, and with that comes new tools and techniques to extract every ounce of value from available information. Increases in computational power, cheap data storage, the ability to process enormous troves of data, and the availability of cost-effective cloud-based infrastructure has greatly reduced the barrier to entry. These new capabilities pave the way for a different breed of data analysis: machine learning.

How we use Machine Learning

Machine learning describes a class of statistical techniques and algorithms that work by identifying patterns with data. The role of our Analysts is to manipulate data and algorithms to accurately identify patterns that serve a useful business purpose. For example, the common traits of loyal customers, or the types of messaging most effective for a given segment of your audience.

While machine learning is not a silver bullet to solve all problems, it excels in situations that would otherwise take thousands of man-hours to complete. At RocketMill, we’ve effectively applied machine learning techniques to predict the purchasing propensity of a potential customer, the likelihood of a loyal customer to leave, and to identify near-duplicate content across tens of thousands of pages. Each instance has saved our clients not just time, but money too, freeing up resource to focus on aspects of the business that require a human touch.

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“RocketMill have proven themselves to be integral to our ongoing strategy. Working with our development agency they have extracted and arranged data to provide insights that historically have been lacking from our business. These insights in tandem with intelligent automation will drive our business to spend more efficiently and increase the quality of our applicants. Fantastic people with cutting edge knowledge to boot! ”

Video case study: How We Used Data to Accelerate B&CE’s Business Growth

Our Data & Insight services

We provide a range of Data & Insight services, on an ongoing or consultancy basis.

Automated Digital Marketing Reporting

Real time reporting tailored for your organisation, from the C-Suite to the Marketing teams.

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Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Empower your decision making with actionable insight.

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Google Analytics & Tag Manager

From implementation through to customisation and insight, we’re qualified to help you.

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Machine Learning & Predictive Analysis

Design algorithms to empower your business on challenges such as customer segmentation and churn prediction.

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The Data & System Integration Agency

Create a definitive overview of your customer data, empowering decision-making.

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