Give your people a competitive advantage.

We provide business intelligence & data analysis that makes the complex simple.

Our Analysts turn complex problems into simple, actionable insights that guide the decision-making process.

In addition to marketing insight, our analytical processes can be effectively applied across the entirety of your business, from human resources to call centre performance.

We put the people back into your data.

With the rise of marketing technology comes ever increasing-quantities of data. We know data is valuable, but many businesses fall short of transforming it to their competitive advantage.

The value of data is only realised when analysis results in business-relevant insights and actions. That’s where we can help.

By combining business context and statistically sound analysis with a dash of creative thinking, we help you to arrive at optimal, data-driven conclusions that drive your business forward.

Whether you need to forecast future performance, efficiently allocate marketing budgets, identify new markets, improve customer retention or make your media spend go that little bit further, we’re on hand to help.

We don't limit our insights to just marketing.

We recognise that analytical skills have applications far beyond marketing optimisation.

Our Analysts are equipped to support decision making and provide insight across the entirety of your business.

We’ve helped clients with recruitment, call centre performance, and stock management, all thanks to the effective application of data.

Creating a forecast of your Google Analytics marketing data is made easy with our free Forecaster tool.

Our Data & Analytics Services.

Automated Digital Marketing Reporting

Real time reporting tailored for your organisation, from the C-Suite to the Marketing teams.

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Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Empower your decision making with actionable insight.

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Google Analytics & Tag Manager

From implementation through to customisation and insight, we’re qualified to help you.

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Machine Learning & Predictive Analysis

Design algorithms to empower your business on challenges such as customer segmentation and churn prediction.

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Data & System Integration

Create a definitive overview of your customer data, empowering decision-making.

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Case Study

How We Used Data to Accelerate B&CE’s Business Growth

B&CE tasked RocketMill with building a digital measurement solution they could use to inform change across their business – and to develop it quickly. As a rapidly-growing financial company, the business was generating increasing levels of data but were struggling to manage, and trust, it.

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Reducing Bias In Your Data Analysis

Even the most talented analysts are influenced by bias. Deputy Head of Data & Insight, Neil Barnes, reveals how you can start becoming more aware of cognitive bias and reducing bias in your data analysis.


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