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We believe that our learnings and insights will not only improve your digital performance, they will have a positive impact on every experience a customer has with your brand. Through sharing insights and learnings, we complement your internal teams, improving performance and helping you achieve your business goals.


What we do

The holy grail of insights

Through research, analysis and testing we get to know exactly what makes your users tick. Every success, learning and outcome is added to an archive of user data that we share with your teams. Over time this builds into an invaluable resource of tried and tested tactics that can be used to improve performance across channels.

Every experiment we run is document in it’s own report card, including the research, hypothesis, data and outcome. Every experiment contains a wealth of information about what works and doesn’t work for your users. We are passionate about sharing our learnings and ensuring that they have the biggest impact possible for your business.

How we do it

Complete transparency

We believe in complete transparency and give you full access to all the platforms and software we use. Our campaigns management software allows you to see exactly what we are working on at any time. Giving you access to all campaign activity, insights and data, at any time.

Powerful reporting

We were one of the first agencies on the UK to adopt PowerBi as our reporting platform of choice, giving you a powerful but intuitive interface to access the most important metrics for your campaign. PowerBi provides live data, meaning the days of waiting to receive weekly or monthly reports are over.

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What Our Clients Say

“Being a small team ourselves we were thrilled to find a local agency that approached our business with such energy and enthusiasm. RocketMill demonstrate an abundance of skill and knowledge which allows us to continually improve and grow. They are truly a pleasure to work with.”
Faye Price
Online Marketing Manager

CRO Insight

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