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Every content marketing campaign needs to be guided by a robust strategy. A strategy is driven by your business goals and informs the content creation process by defining your audience, content pillars, your brand identity and voice, and kickstarting the creative process for writers working on content.

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What we do

We get excited by the prospect of brands becoming publishers, and we love helping our clients assemble talented editorial teams to help them build an audience. Underpinned by technical excellence and insight, we believe any business can attract new customers by publishing exciting, captivating editorial – and every content strategy we produce provides the right framework to do just that.

How we do it


The foundation of any content strategy is audience insight. We use industry-leading tools to audit your publishing activity – what worked, and what didn’t – and develop audience personas. We’ll uncover who your audience are, what their interests are, and how they like to consume their content.


Branded content works when it represents the company publishing it, so we’ll take the time to get to know your brand through in-person workshops with your team, where we’ll discuss your digital marketing challenges, and how we can creatively solve them with content.


Enabled by the insights gained at the research and workshop stages we will develop a full content strategy, including your brand’s editorial identity, style guides, detailed personas, and an initial editorial calendar. We’ll work closely with your team (or collaborate with the right creative freelancers) to implement the strategy.

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What Our Clients Say

“RocketMill isn’t just a supplier to us, it acts like a true partner. Not only do they know what’s happening some time before it’s happened, but are ready with a prioritised action plan of how we should deal with it now.”
Simon Jary
Publishing director

Content Marketing Insight

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