Content Optimisation where your success is guaranteed

Content marketing isn’t about publishing as often as possible; it’s about making sure every page on your site provides maximum value for your audience.

We optimise content as part of our on-going content marketing campaigns, staking our financial reward upon your success.


What we do

The content optimisation strategies we use could include anything from improving landing page headings, to auditing and improving internal link structures, to rewriting title tags and meta descriptions.

Our optimisation work is always completed with our client’s goals in mind, and we focus on the areas of your website that are underperforming, but have high potential to perform well. We’ll work within your brand and tone of voice to improve user engagement, conversion, and organic rankings.

We believe content optimisation is just as important as the creation of fresh content assets in ensuring your website performs well.

How we do it

Keyword research

For historic content that may be performing poorly, it is often possible to revitalise it with a simple rewrite that targets relevant search terms. We perform extensive keyword research on each page of the website to discover the most valuable search terms to incorporate into both on-page and off-page content elements.

Data analysis

Combing through data we collect from Google Analytics and other sources allows us to see where your visitors are leaving the site or where they are failing to find answers to their questions. We can then address the content on those pages to see what might be missing or need updating.

For large websites we work with our Data & Insight team, using the Google Search Console API to analyse site-wide performance to identify where we can have the largest impact.


Workshops with clients are invaluable to us when devising content strategies, and efficiently highlight areas on a website in which content may be underperforming or missing entirely.

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What Our Clients Say

“RocketMill isn’t just a supplier to us, it acts like a true partner. Not only do they know what’s happening some time before it’s happened, but are ready with a prioritised action plan of how we should deal with it now.”
Simon Jary
Publishing director

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