So as the inevitable end of year round ups start to filter on to the web and people start making bold predictions in the SEO world and the real world I thought I would get involved, it only seems appropriate to do so.

Insert Random Image to Signify Success In The Search Rankings


Google has come out fighting in 2012 with Penguin, copious amount of Panda Updates and punishing low quality sites with Exact Match Domains (EMD’s), all things to keep the SEO’ers out there, on their toes. And all signs point to 2013 continuing in a similar direction.

There’s been somewhat of a buzz word doing the rounds over the past couple weeks about how we can move forward with our SEO efforts in 2013 and stay ahead of the game and continue to see the improvements we want to – and that word is Diversify!

Yes, something that I’m sure many of us were doing already, but that hasn’t stopped people from stressing just how important it is for everyone to get involved in 2013. But this doesn’t mean to just diversify your link profile – I hope we all have diverse link profiles out there, if not stop reading and amend this – this also means you really should be looking to Diversify your Anchor Text, your marketing and even your traffic sources.

Let’s start with the basic diversifications – Anchor text and your link profile

  • Anchor text – gone are the days of trying to force in your exact keyword in to a sentence that just doesn’t work. Believe it or not but hammering and forcing in your anchor text of ‘Foot long turkey sandwiches’ in to sentences which start off going on about ‘renting flats in Scotland…’ because your trying to get a link on a Scottish estate agents site, it doesn’t work, its unnatural and ultimately you are wasting your time in trying to do so.So what to do regarding anchor text? Simple, don’t worry about it, worry about getting good links pointing to your desired landing page from relevant websites and as a result of these relevant links, your anchor text will fit naturally in to the content of the page.
  • Link Profile – so there you are, you’ve found a great way of getting links through blog commenting, it’s almost too easy. You see your rise in the rankings (smugness sets in) and then a drop in the rankings and a further drop compared to where you were beforehand. You’ve over played your hand and got so carried away with blog commenting that you have neglected the other techniques.To tackle this problem before it occurs; yes you guessed it, Diverse your link building efforts. Move away from the blog commenting and try and focus on other methods of acquiring links through guest/sponsored posts, submitting to local directories or offering your product to local bloggers for a review on their site. Mix up your efforts to gain a complete profile of no follow/follow, .com, .edu, .gov sites.
  • Google is not the be all and end all – ok, maybe that statement is somewhat of a lie, because right now it is the biggest and baddest search engine out there and if you’re not ranking on Google than you’re not coming to the Christmas party (seriously, if you are an SEO’er and you’re not ranking on Google, your boss won’t be inviting you, you’ll be left outside looking over the fence along with the web design team!). But what if that all changed, and Bing!, Yahoo or Facebook search took had increase in traffic… would you be prepared for such a shift in movement?

The more of this blog post I wrote the more I appreciated and realised just how big a word Diversify is in the SEO world. It is ever changing and as a result we need to be able to not only diversify but also adapt and adapt quickly to keep up with the algorithms to make sure we don’t fall behind the competition.