A couple of days ago Jon Norris who is a Brighton-based freelance writer and a “social guy” at Crunch posted an article on The Kernal (http://www.kernelmag.com/comment/opinion/2793/google-is-a-writers-best-friend/) where he made some generalizing statements about SEOs and the SEO industry.

Here are some quotes from his article:

  1. “this is an industry built on deception”
  2. “Google’s quiet war against a fly-by-night, unregulated and dishonest industry”

And apparently, SEO industry is full of “adult babies”:

To some extent I agree with some of Jon’s views and I am confident there are 1000s of other SEOs who would agree with him on some of his points too. However, Jon makes generalizing statements, basically stating that the entire industry is “dishonest” and based on deception.

I have a few questions for Jon:

  1. There are 100s of accountants out there who exploit loopholes to help their clients “evade” tax, should we stereotype all accountants because of what some of them do?
  2. There are a lot of journalists who invade people’s privacy, hack their phones and what not, to get a decent headline, should we make generalizing statements about all journalists?
  3. If we SEOs are so bad, we are adult babies and we are all dishonest, why does your employer http://www.crunch.co.uk/use our work to enhance their site? Doesn’t Crunch use @yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin?

If you really stand by your views then please request your employer to stop using our work and get rid of Yoast‘s SEO Plugin, if they can’t do that because it is a “commercial imperative” then go work for someone else who doesn’t rely on the work/IP of “dishonest adult babies”.

When confronted by the third question, Jon said his employer uses Yoast’s SEO plugin because it is a commercial imperative. Okay, so at least now he admits that a “dishonest adult baby’s” work is commercially imperative. A few moment later he tweets “Should point out I’m obviously aware there are good SEOs, some are even my friends. Doesn’t mean I can’t dislike the industry though”.

Woah, hold on a second Jon, in your article you said “this is an industry built on deception”, doesn’t that include everyone who is in the industry? If that is not what you meant then perhaps you should have made a clear distinction between those who are dishonest and those who aren’t!

If you are aware of good SEOs as you have stated in your Tweet then please go and edit your article on The Kernel and make clear distinction between bad/good SEOs.