Businesses are increasingly driving people straight to their Facebook page rather than their main site. This is due to the growing influence of the dominant social network and the recent developments in what you can do with your profile creatively. Hence SEO (search engine optimisation) for Facebook profiles is increasingly important.

Thankfully it is more simple than the SEO on a traditional site because Facebook only allow a certain amount of data onto the wider web. To help you get started we want to share some of the more simple tips to help you SEO your Facebook profile:

Firstly you need to get popular. In other words you need lots of ‘likes’. You can cultivate these with great content and through competitions.

Secondly – don’t hide. It may seem obvious but please make sure your privacy settings allow for adequate access.

Thirdly – keywords. See – I told you it was simple! Make sure your content is keyword rich and make use of the info and about sections to capitalise on this. Don’t forget the odd link too where appropriate.

Fourthly – get tagging. An easy oversight to make is not correctly tagging all multimedia you have.

And finally – social synergy. Make sure all URLs and naming conventions are short’ish and branded correctly. Your profile should also have an identity synergy with any other social profile you have.

I hope this helps you on your way and look forward to posting a more in depth article on this soon.