With All Hallow’s Eve rapidly approaching, we’ve compiled a list of some awesome Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) costumes. So if you work in digital marketing and are struggling to spawn an original costume, you’re in the right place. These creative ideas will ensure you stand out from the crowd of zombies and vampires that appear each Halloween…if you’re geeky enough to pull them off!

SEO Costume Ideas


Black/white hat – If you’re dressing up with an equally geeky friend, one of you can be the white hat, the other can be the black hat. If you have no friends, don’t fret – just wear a hat that’s half black and half white.

Google Panda or Penguin – Take advantage of the search engine giant’s animal-themed algorithm updates this Halloween. Don’t forget to incorporate the Google Chrome symbol onto the front of your costume.

Spam – One of my favourite ideas, just watch out for dogs.

Duplicate content – This just needs to be two or more of anything of anything. Unlike the first idea, you’ll need some friends to pull this one off.

Internet Troll – Easy. Dress like a troll and run around shouting insults/unfounded statements. Be obnoxious.

Anchor text – Throw an anchor around your neck and cover it with keywords, highlighting the top priority ones. If you don’t have a real anchor lying around, you can easily construct one out of cardboard and gold spray paint.

PPC Costume Ideas

A paperclip (Pay-per-click…geddit?)

Bounce rate – Hop around on a pogo-stick all night whilst yelling out percentages. Not one for the uncoordinated.

Exact match – Ideal if you have a twin.

Bid/auction – Carry a hammer and some bidding cards around with you – say everything ridiculously quickly.

Keyword – Like the anchor idea above, a giant key can be easily constructed from cardboard and gold spray paint.

For groups: dress as adverts (by hanging a sandwich board displaying a giant Google advert around your neck) and keywords, or if you have enough people go labelled as a campaign, ad group, ad and keyword – great for families!

Have you got any more costumes ideas? Comment below, or tweet us – we’d love to hear them!

Have fun!