Running an internet marketing agency – go in-house or outsource?

Since launching Elevate Local nearly 2 years ago I have been amazed at how many web design teams and SEO firms in the UK are no more than a couple of sales people who outsource their clients work overseas. Whilst in the planning phase of our launch we investigated the potential for outsourcing certain components of our work. The research took us to Delhi where we had companies work on dummy briefs to ascertain their competence levels.

The results were poor and our decision was made. We decided to invest in an in-house team of experts. Before giving an internet marketing agency your website design, SEO, PPC or social media brief you should quiz what level of work is carried out by their in-house team. Here are some of the reasons we chose to invest in a diverse talented domestic team:

Quality and responsibility

With our team we can be ultimately responsible for delivering the right results and have no excuses due to external factors. We also have strict quality control procedures that would not be possible if we used outsourced teams.


Keeping client data secure was a primary concern. When you outsource you are making a leap of faith that data will be treated with sensitivity whereas managing the projects yourself means you can guarantee protection.

Interaction and feedback

By having a fully equipped team providing integrated internet solutions we are able to give clients unrivalled project/people access. This makes us more attractive when we pitch and more accountable when we win business.

Planning for the future and helping our economy

We set Elevate Local up with a clear long term vision. We want to be a dominant player in the UK internet marketing space. By acquiring a talented team of programmers, designers, SEO engineers, social media experts and PPC managers we have built a solid base of knowledge. This has seen us win four out of five pitches we make and grow at an exponential rate.

On top of all of the aforementioned we want to contribute more to the UK economy by employing local experts.