You may have gathered that ElevateLocal has rebranded to RocketMill. We in the design and development team see this as a great opportunity to showcase what we can do. We wanted to push our boundaries not only to create a great website that we can all be proud of but also to experiment with new theories and ideas that we can then incorporate into our client’s projects.

The brief was simple, the website had to look great yet be easy to use, convert traffic into enquiries and work well for SEO.

Let’s look at some of the features that we incorporated.

Responsive Design

Example of the RocketMill website on various mobile devices

The first thing to mention is that our site is now responsive. It is becoming more and more common that people use their mobile device to browse the web. If you are one of those people, you already know how frustrating it can be to browse a site that is not designed for mobile devices.

Scrolling Menu

Image shows how RocketMill's scrolling navigation looks like.

The Scrolling menu is a usability feature we’ve included allowing you to be anywhere on a page and still be able to see the top level navigation, without having the annoyanceof scrolling back to the top again. You see, we are here to make it easy for you.

Contact form

An example of RocketMill marketing agency contact form

It is always a good idea to have a contact form on every page of your site so potential customers can easily contact you. The problem is, it can be difficult to find space for this form and if you have a long page your potential customer may scroll past it and may not see or not bother to scroll back to it. To overcome these problems we’ve hidden the contact form above the menu so it is alway there even if you have scrolled to the bottom. Then just by clicking the contact tab the form magically appears, without you leaving the page. But just in case you don’t want to use the contact form we’ve also included our phone number and a chance to engage in a live chat with one of the team, which we’ve fixed to the bottom right of your screen. Now you have no excuse not to contact us.

Helpful videos

Page design for RocketMill's success storiesA video is a great way of providing information. Watching a video is much easier than reading a page full of text. With this in mind we’ve provided you with two informative films, one on the SEO page and another on the PPC page. Also it is all very well getting a quote from one of your clients saying how great you are but is something else entirely when you have film of them personally describing exactly how you have helped them. We think the video testimonials are so important in proving our abilities as a company that we’ve tried to include them on as many pages as possible and created a video gallery page spersific to our success stories.

A useful 404 page

image depicting a useful 404 pageYou never want to end up on a 404 page, which basically means that the url you typed into the address bar doesn’t exsist. However, it can and does happen, the main thing is if you do happen to end up there, you need to be able to find either the correct page or a relevant one. So what we’ve done is include a witty graphic to dispel your frustration, then included a search form. But more than that we’ve also tried to interpret what was written into the browser address bar and give you suggestions on what page you may have been looking for. Finally, for good measure, we’ve included a site map as well.

The about page

As a company we are friendly and approachable. Even though we are continually growing and recruiting more and more staff we still wish to maintain the one to one approach we have with our clients. We’ve tried to incorporate this ethos into many of the pages on the site, by allowing you to see who wrote each page and by creating a dedicated place for each member of staff, with their biography, social feeds and the blog posts. Probably the best example is with about page design, where there is a group photo of the whole company and a timeline of what is happening inside RocketMill with a few witticisms thrown in as well.

The blog

Obviously the blog is of key importance for SEO, but it also offers a useful tool for communication. The blog was of course present on the old ElevateLocal site and we’ve merely imported all the content over and re-jigged the styling a bit.

Most of the other SEO features are done behind the scenes deep within the code, well not that deep really. We’ve included micro formatting across the site, which search engines love. When it comes to SEO and design there are always compromises that have to be made. Many a fierce battle has been waged in the office and ground has had to be given by both sides (mostly by the design team unfortunately, but that is because Yousaf is bigger and stronger than, us skinny fit jean type designers).


One thing that is worth mentioning. Eventhough the RocketMill website has been built and launched it doesn’t stop there. We’ve built a website that we think is easy to use, looks great and will convert enquiries. However, we know that not everyone uses the web in the same way. Our website gives us a great opportunity to test behaviour and usability. The result of this testing will not only be used to make improvements in our own site but also those of our clients.