Livefyre is an excellent commenting platform with some great features, they have really thought about the value of social engagement and search engine optimisation at the same time. You can go over to their website to find further details. But for now, here are some reasons why you should integrate Livefyre on your website:

SEO Friendly

Livefyre is the only scalable platform that makes your the UGC on your website crawl-able. This is a great feature as it can help you a lot in terms of boosting your SEO.

Live Listener Count

Livefyre allows your readers to know exactly how many people are on the current page at any time, this feature in turn encourages further engagement.


Livefyre encourages interaction by letting other Livefyre bloggers display a link to their latest post when they leave a comment.

Real-time Spam Protection

Moderate live from the stream, and see a complete history of all actions.

Here is what the Livefyre interface looks like:

You can customize the interface if you wanted to align it with your branding guidelines.

Ordering comments by social influence

So here is the concept, lets assume you have 40+ comment on a single article. I think it would be fair to say that no one really reads all the comments on a single page, users normally read comments appearing at the top or at the bottom section of a page and some might randomly skim through the middle section.

At the moment all off the shelf commenting systems have users comments ordered chronologically, there are however some comment systems that allow you to order by social ranking i.e Facebook comments. It’s unclear what exactly Facebook takes into account with this sorting option, it is probably something to do with Edgerank. However, it’s clear that Facebook tries to surface the comments that are most relevant from the users that are the most trust-worthy.

From an SEO perspective there are a lot of issues with Facebook comments which I am not going to go into but I am going to focus on one thing. Facebook’s social ranking ordering is based on their own understanding of “social influence” and has nothing to do with third party platforms such as Twitter, Google+ and etc.

Now although services such as Peerindex, Kred, Klout and Proskore are in their infancy, it might be worth integrating one of these services with Livefyre. The most credible out of the aforementioned services is Peerindex, it would be really good if Livefyre integrated it in the background and allowed webmasters to order comments by Peerindex.

Having comments from influential people appear at the top will encourage engagement and social sharing but at the same time it might have a few down sides. For example, if the order of comments are biased towards to influential users then it might discourage the average user to comment or engage as they will know that their opinion might be buried and could potentially go unnoticed. In the end, I guess it all comes down to testing and experimenting this to see whether it has a positive or negative impact.