Twitter has finally, and some say reluctantly, given way to more invasive advertising.  Ads on Twitter have previously been shown only along users sidebars as a Trending Topic or in Twitter search.

Now users will view ads for the first time on their timeline. However, the ads you will see will be from accounts that you already follow. So already there is some filtering going on and you hopefully won’t be blitzed with ads you are not interested in seeing.

These promo ads will be at or near the top of a user’s timeline, but will then start scrolling down the timeline with other tweets.

OK, it was probably inevitable that they had to start increasing revenue and the only obvious way is really through promoted tweets. So for Twitter it is weighing up invasive advertising and much needed revenue or upsetting the status quo?

The companies on board at the moment are already hugely popular on Twitter. These include Starbucks, Groupon, HBO and also some charities like the American Red Cross.

Reaction from Twitter users varies. Some fully recognise and accept that Twitter needs to raise revenue. Others think that this could be the beginning of the end for Twitter.

Will this go the same way as the Quick Bar? This extremely unpopular bar rotated trends, was viewed as invasive advertising, and appropriately nicknamed “the Dickbar” after CEO Dick Costello.

With the return of Twitter inventor and co-founder Jack Dorsey this Quick bar was quick to go! Just three days after Jack arrived!

Will this Twitter initiative be as quick to go? Or have Twitter got it right this time? Let’s see!