The Internet has been going Infographic-crazy for a while, so I thought it might be useful to re-pin a few of my favourite Adwords Infographics
I have been collecting a few for a while as they can be useful when explaining concepts to clients, and act as revision notes for my own work! I hope you’ll find them as helpful as I do, and if you have any favourites of your own, please feel free to add a link in the comment section below!

The History of Google Adwords

These first two favourites are good overviews of Google Adwords. On the left is James Burchill’s graphic on the history of Google Adwords and how Google made it’s millions.. On the right is an infographic by Pulpmedia Online Marketing that simply explains the Adwords auction system.

History of Adwords-small

how does Google Adwords work-small

Optimising PPC

This Infographic is based on PPC optimisation provided by Invesp. Unfortunately, it does not go into specifics, but it could be a useful checklist if you are really stuck on a campaign.

How To Optimise Your Campaigns-small

Adwords Advert Optimisation

These two Infographics give the best advice on Split Testing your adverts (that I had come across). The one on the left from Avalaunch is possibly my favourite because I like the yeti graphics, but the content is worth remembering /bookmarking and holds a lot of value. The one on the right via Onboardly is more related to display campaigns across PPC mediums such as Facebook and the GDN, but equally as useful.


Landing Page Optimisation

So often this is the forgotten part of PPC. Delivering clicks and high click through rates means nothing without delivering improvements in sales and interaction with your company! This will only improve if you are suiting your adverts well to landing pages, and landing pages are well organised to deliver results. A well organised and effective campaign can be won or lost on the strength of the landing pages and the only way to make the partnership work is via close collaboration between the advertiser and the seller. This Infographic produced by Unbounce highlights some techniques we are testing.

Landing Pages for PPC-small
Perhaps even more than most industries, PPC needs infographics! For making statistics interesting and digestible there is no better medium, so if you have any tucked away on your bookmark bar, please share!