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She was all alone. Outside in the dark Crawley sky, the thunder cracked like the cruelest of whips. The eerie glow from her computer screen was the only source of light in the dingy office.

Slowly, she entered the log in details to the AdWords account, afraid of what she was about to find. Who knew what languished in a PPC account that had been left to rot without care or optimisation?

As the page loaded, her breath quickened. The first sign had revealed itself… Just one campaign named “Campaign #1”. She supressed a shudder as she bravely clicked on the campaign title. As the heading “Starter Ad Group” appeared on the screen she felt a chill in her bones, and goose bumps arose on her pale arms.

Steeling herself, she dared peek at the ad copies. Poor grammar, one ad for all keywords, linked to the home page and mentioning no keywords let alone a call to action. How could this be?

Doing her best to maintain faith, she checked the campaign settings. The words “Targeting all countries and territories” hovered before her wide eyes.

Fearing the worst, she tentatively selected the ‘Keywords’ tab. As the page loaded, the tension in the room was palpable. And as those words appeared on the screen, it was confirmed. All in broad match, CTRs lower than 1%, display and search networks in one campaign – it was getting too much.

It was the last ditch attempt – as she hovered over the ad diagnostics tool, a scream was heard that made the operatives at Gatwick Airport look at each other in fright. She blindly ran from the office, pounding across the car park until she was out of view.

And in the dingy office, these words pulsated out of the glowing screen:

Quality Score: 1/10

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