Felix Baumgartner made history yesterday, he broke several world records and helped YouTube break a record as well. But put all this record breaking and skydiving aside and you will soon realize that the real winner is Redbull.

Project Stratos is perhaps the most elaborate, the most breath-taking and the most well executed campaign of our times. This is a huge leap forward for Redbull who already spend big money sponsoring some of the world’s most glamorous sport events such as F1 and so on.

The last time we saw a marketing campaign this big, it was the American PR campaign against the USSR. Americans did a fantastic job with moon landing and the missions prior to that to establish themselves as a “brand”, obviously in political arena establishing a big brand is about establishing one’s dominance.

Redbull has scored big with Stratos, on Youtube alone almost 8 million people were watching the mission via live stream – this is a record for Youtube. In other words that was 8 million pair of eyes seeing the Redbull logo and branding for almost two hours on Youtube. We have not even counted the before and after impact yet.

Would you believe if I told you that Redbull is outsmarting the godfather of brands? Would you believe if I told you that Redbull is kicking Coca Cola’s backside? I will let the following graph do the talking…

If you look closely, Redbull had massive spikes before and right after the financial crisis. Not only that, while Coca Cola flat lined through out the years, look at where Redbull is heading. This is massive, Redbull is spending their money in the right places and are getting the maximum bang for their buck.

I think data from Neilson and some other major data providers will be hugely interesting but I thought I should monitor the main Stratos mission site to see how the campaign affects it in the social sphere.¬†Redbullstratos.com was a hit, I was tracking it with Social Crawlytics on hourly basis. It got just over 1441489 shares, dominant networks were Facebook followed by Twitter. Google+ was almost non-existent, that should send a signal to Google’s C-Suite?

Here is what the social shares look like currently:

Social Crawlytics page shares

At around 5PM UK time I set up hourly scheduled monitoring on Redbullstratos.com and here is the latest data. As you can see in the graph the progress is immense and the news hasn’t even hit major cable networks yet.

crawlytics showing shares

Felix has achieved his goals and I am sure Redbull’s marketing team are really enjoying the publicity. I genuinely believe that this campaign has changed the way big businesses do their marketing. It is a truly integrated campaign! I could not find any data on the cost of the project but looking at the media and social attention that Stratos has recieved I think it they have done really well considering that almost every major newspaper and network television featured it.

And if you think that the campaign is over then you are probably wrong. All the data that was announced yesterday came with a little “gotcha”, they kept saying that the stats were based on provisional data. That tells me that the campaign is not over yet, Red Bull will let the dust settle and then release the actual data and that could potentially create another media frenzy – that would be a smart move.

You can watch the highlights below: