With Breathe you can


Since 2012, Breathe has been providing easy-to-use ‘People First’ software that enables companies of up to 250 employees to manage HR admin more skilfully. As Breathe’s numerous customer case studies prove, the benefits of this include significant time and cost savings, as well as higher productivity and profitability. Our challenge was to communicate these benefits to a diverse audience of SME decision makers via a consistent and compelling brand campaign.


From as little as 79p per person, per month, Breathe can help companies cut the time they spend on HR admin by up to two thirds – freeing up time to focus on employee engagement. This has multiple benefits in the workplace because happy people are:

  • More motivated
  • More productive
  • More profitable
  • Less likely to leave
  • Less likely to take time off for sickness or stress


Our strategy was to communicate the emotional and rational value of having happy people in the workplace, using a creative vehicle that embodied the effortless simplicity implied by the Breathe brand name. The campaign would run across January/early February 2021 (traditionally a busy period for free trial enquiries) Activity was planned across the following channels:

  • Sky Ad Smart
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Search (Google & Bing)

In addition to this, Rocketmill was charged with converting the brand campaign into Always On activity for the remainder of 2021.


30" hero advert

Social carousel advert

Set of display advert layouts


With challenging deadlines and production budget, an agile approach to the project was essential. Rocketmill formed a small cross-disciplinary group to work collaboratively with the Breathe marketing team on a day to day basis.

Working with proven TV production partners Be The Fox, we planned how best to deliver high quality, cost-effective and flexible campaign assets.

The result was a multi channel brand campaign that went from brief to broadcast ready in just seven weeks.

Weeks after the campaign was launched, Breathe informed us that they received record numbers of trials for their platform.