Here we go, that old privacy issue again!

Google Plus believes that using Google Profiles to help find and connect online is the best use of their new product. Therefore they are not allowing any private profiles and should you choose to keep your profile private Google will simply delete it after July this year.

The only prerequisite information for this profile is gender and full name. So you don’t have to provide other information that you don’t want to share. Not too bad. What is all the fuss?

All this means is that if your name is typed into Google search, if you have a private profile on Facebook you won’t come up in search results, but your profile on Google Plus will yield search results as it is not private.

At least Google are being upfront here and so we know about privacy from the start. However, it is proving scary to some folk. Many would say they feel forced to use completely false information, as they definitely do not want to be searchable on Google.

So maybe the argument here is use your security settings wisely whatever you do because if you are on Google Plus you are probably on other social networking sites too and so you will all too easily be Googleable!