Email newsletters can be annoying at times, especially when you are 100% sure you haven’t signed up to them. Somehow they still make their wormy little way into your inbox. But there are some email newsletters that I subscribe to that put a little smile on my face every time they drop in to my inbox. I have outlined below some of these newsletters that I think may be useful for fellow web designers and developers. Whether it be for inspiration, coding practices, or the latest developments on the web, all of these have something to offer.

Usability, UX Design


Starting in 2007 Userfocus have been sending out informative newsletters containing well researched articles. Including features like “The A to Z of Usability,” suitable for newbies to the trade. The newsletter introduces the audience to interesting usability-related articles that got the consultant’s attention over the past month, covering persuasive design, examples and intriguing psychological research and insights.


H&FJ Typography

Top of the tree when it comes to Typography, Hoefler & Frere-Jones are constantly on the lookout for interesting new fonts and typographic novelties. The newsletter itself is a lesson in classy styles, perfect weights and typographical layout.


The bi-weekly newsletter from FontShop is one to look forward to. Each newsletter showcases new fonts from foundries around the world and introduces handy little tools to advance Web font use and compatibility.


A nice weekly roundup of whats new in the wordpress world. I’m a big fan of WordPress so this is one of my favourites. Including articles about Themes, Plugins and Tutorials, it introduces new techniques and resources to your wordpress theme building toolkit.


Yoast AKA Joost De Valk is a leading plugin developer in the world of WordPress. Creating probably the best SEO plugin available on the internet today. This newsletter can be subscribed to weekly or dailyand is praised by all in the wordpress scene.


Email Inspiration*

Email Inspiration is a very simple newsletter. They send you one email per day, every day, with just one image to inspire your designs and get your creative juices flowing. Look at the archive to decide whether signing up is worth it.


Unmatchedstyle carefully selects creative examples, shares favorites of the month in everything ranging from typefaces to websites, and hooks you up with an extensive and useful collection of links. You’ll see free icon sets, cool font-pairing apps, interviews and more.