As most of you already know Google updates its algorithm very frequently, according to Matt Cutts Google makes roughly about 500 changes to its core algorithm every year. These updates ensure that Google’s results are accurate. In February 2012 Google has made well over 34 updates, these include improvement to Query Deserves Freshness or widely known as freshness algorithm. I have written a couple of blogs posts on QDF before which you can find here and here.

Obviously most of the latest updates are very important and could impact a lot of results but the main one that caught my attention was what Google refers to as News Deserving Score which is part of the existing query deserves freshness algorithm. News Deserving Score basically computes most of the freshness signals within the QDF algorithm enabling Google to compute spiking topics or hot trends in real time. This update would predominantly affect news sites and viral content providers. In its official announcement Google states:

“We use a number of signals to detect when a new topic is spiking in popularity. This change consolidates some of the signals so we can rely on signals we can compute in realtime, rather than signals that need to be processed offline. This eliminates redundancy in our systems and helps to ensure we can continue to detect spiking topics as quickly as possible.”

Further to the NDS algorithm update, Panda has been updated too. Google states that refreshes data in the Panda system are more accurate and more sensitive to recent changes on the web.

UK Tech Visibility Comparison

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