So, getting ready to watch the Champions League on Tuesday I thought I would take the opportunity to catch up on some TV instead of listening to how this match was being billed to be an absolute classic and one for the ages (apologies for the bitterness and resentment, but I’m a jealous Arsenal fan).

Back to the point I caught up on one of my favourite shows ‘A League Of Their Own’ during the pre-game chatter, and out of nowhere pops up one of my clients, hardly popping up as they had a dedicated 8min segment but it caught me by surprise nonetheless.

The client was Skydive Southcoast; and on the 1st show of the series from Sky1’s hit gameshow, they were down in Wiltshire (where Skydive Southcoast is based) to do a sky dive. Now, I was slightly caught out by seeing them on TV, but it immediately dawned on me that this is a great opportunity to use their exposure on TV to further increase the awareness about them.

So the first thing we did the next day was gain permission from the producer of the show, we wanted to be able to get a direct quote from the producer himself as well as be able to use images we had of the jumpers.

Once we had the go ahead from the producer we were now free to discuss how we were going to make use of this opportunity.

The angle that we took was to run a simultaneous press release and blog post, both very powerful forms of online marketing when done effectively and targeting the right markets.

Think of all those extreme sports bloggers that are looking for new areas to jump or even looking for a new sport to try (although you can’t be a great extreme sports enthusiast if you don’t know much about skydiving).

Or even a press release detailing what the day was about and what the guys got up to, this could drum up interest for those that are interested in following the lifestyle of celebrities.

Take advantage of the fact that you have had icons and role models on your premises. So if you do have images and quotes, use them! Don’t let them just sit there on your hard drive and then show them off every so often when the grand children come round at Xmas.



As you can see we have the recognisable faces of Jamie Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff and John Bishop on our homepage with further information leading to the news section.

Its great seeing your company in any form of media but it’s how you react afterwards that can make the real difference and provide you with the added exposure and not just being some company that featured on a sports quiz show.