I will be live blogging on Google’s Inside Search event today. Stay tuned, I will be posting bite-size information. Expect spelling and grammatical errors, I will refine my this post once the event is over.

Alot of desktop search on Monday.

The weekend approaches people start using mobile phone to search.

Saturday desktop search goes even more.

Friday mobile search goes up exponentially.

1pm is peak search time on Google.

Traffic is very high until nine pm.

Mobile search for the day peaks at 9 pm.

Around noon when the desktop traffic goes down mobile traffic goes up.

in December desktop search volume dips

Mobile traffic does not have a summer slump

5x growth in mobile traffic.

Google has always been focused on users and remain to do so.

It is even more critical to get the first result right on Mobile search.

Mobile = Relevant + Simplicity (Critical)

Relevance – Simplicity – Speed, a winning foundation for Google in mobile

Google is obsessed with speed, “Google says Speed is still the killer app”.

What goes into building a successful mobile search?

Mobile search has evolved from one keyword searches, to phrases and queries with the advent of smartphones.

Mobile search – Google trying to make entering query easier.

Mobile traffic has seen 5x growth in mobile search #insidesearch

Google announced new mobile interface for local searches.

Mobile local search is Location based

Integrated query suggestions from your history to google instant on mobile.

Queries with strong intent get an interactive widgets and ajax implemented smartly.

Query building capibility + button features.

Google is trying to make entering complicated query easier. new Google mobile search feature utilizes a “+” to select a term and continue typing

Query building capability built into local search – launching today from Google.

Refreshed tablet search UI will be released in a few weeks.

Tablet search UI has infinite scroll capability.

Google Goggles can now translate & turns them into search queries. Google translate working from a captured photo of foreign language text demonstrated after taking pic of Russian menu.

In the past year mobile speech input has grown x6. Google gets 2 years of non-stop speech input every day.

Foundations of a successful speech interface

1. Accuracy

230 billion words just for being fed to google just for american english.

2. Ubiquity

Multilanguage support, integrate voice search in Android. Android speech enabled makes voice search ubiquitous accross platforms.

Voice search works and its very accurate!

Google announces Voice Speech Search for Desktop

The more searches Google hears the better it is going to get.

Users will find Translate with Voice Speech search very useful.

Google announces search by image on desktop.

Drag image to Google search bar and bingo! Google also launches image search for desktop. Pictures from your desktop, fed into Google search, and identified

Search by image is going to be rolled out globally in the next few days.

Google Instant, now available in 39 languages

Google Instant will be rolling out to image search in the next coming weeks.

Google is obsessed with speed.

Get to the next page before you click your mouse, thanks to RFID for web sites.

RFID for web sites – flip web pages faster than changing channels on your TV.