So you thought linking Adwords to Analytics would give you a headache? Think again…   Linking Adwords to Google Analytics has been made even easier, thanks to Google’s latest Analytics update. It can now be linked in just 9 simple steps!

  1. Log in to your Google Adwords account, and click on the “Tools and Analysis” button at the top of the page: Tools and Analysis
  2. On the drop down menu that appears, click Google Analytics:click Google Analytics
  3. Click on Admin in the top right hand corner:Admin
  4. Click “Adwords Linking” on the left side of the page:Adwords Linking
  5. Click the “+ New Link” button:New Link
  6. As you have logged in via your Adwords account, you will not need to select an account as your AdWords ID will be in the box for you already:adwords link
  7. Under Link Configuration, click on “Views Selected” to see the profiles you can link to:adwords link 2
  8. I have clicked ‘Select All’ as we only have one analytics section for all data, and one that excludes our own office. If you have more than one profile to chose from, just select your company:adwords link 3
  9. Press “Link Account”:adwords link 4
  10. Your Adwords account will now start importing into your Google Analytics:adwords link 5

If you want to know more about importing your Analytics data into your Adwords account, read my post that explains how to link your Google Analytics to your AdWords. By doing this, you’ll be able to see elements like the bounce rate for each individual word next to your target keywords. Easy as 1, 2… 9!