Working in an agency can throw up many different things for you to react to, and when working on a client’s site there are many differences from one site to another – no two sites are the same. But the biggest difference you will find is whether you are taking the campaign on from the beginning – a fresh slate. Or sometimes you will be given a site after it has been already been built and had some form of SEO work done on it and for one reason or another, the site owner has decided to change his plans and come to you guys to help deliver.

One of the first things you will need to do is, just because the site is already established with Google and has been indexed it doesn’t mean that you can sacrifice your SEO plan or cut corners, if anything, the starting process may take a little longer. This is because we are going to carry out an audit on the company’s link profile… look at the existing link profile – there could be some links on there, that might be of use but equally there may be some red flags.

And before you start on any link building campaign you want to make the owner of the site aware that these potential links weren’t your doing and that you will be removing them. The last thing you want is to be taking the flak for someone else’s questionable link building tactics. (Remember, these ‘spammy’ links could have been acquired just before you took the campaign on, and it could still take 3months for the rankings to be affected by these links – going to be tough explaining that one to the site owner).

Now that you have made the client aware of potential harmful links on his site and that you will be going about removing links it is time to do just that. Unfortunately getting rid of unwanted links is not always as easy as it sounds.

Whilst carrying out your link analysis it is also a good time to check out the internal link profile as well. Also take the time to update links that may not be going to the pages now deemed relevant, after all there could be some good links out there already going to your site and it makes life a lot easier if you can then utilise these links and send them to the pages that are deemed surplus.

Thought about updating old guest posts yet? Why not, again, if the post was featured on this blog it is possible it would have got some people’s attention, update them regarding this topic, update the content and update the links.

When you are updating this blog post, what is the content like? Are you going to commit time to improving the content or are you merely looking to update the link so that it goes to your relevant page. Put it this way, you update only the link well that’s it, people don’t realise it’s new fresh content so you’re not going to get people coming to an outdated blog post, it’s just not going to happen. Whereas if you update the content as well as the link you are going to have a very good chance of people coming back to the check this new piece out and even link to it themselves (if it’s really good).

Now this is only scratching the surface of what the process entails when you are being given an already established site. But what it does show is that there are plenty of opportunities to clean-up and improve an existing site before you have even started to add your own expertise and knowledge to the link building processes.