As I pondered mindfully across our beloved world wide web, I stumbled across this video:

Apart from the highly effective visual that is obviously inspiring to us ‘creatives’, what suprisingly touched me more was the narrative speech by Sir Ken Robinson. He speaks about the importance of creativity in the education system, and how a dated system is quashing children’s ability to learn in an organic and wilful way. Naturally, a keyword search in a certain popular video sharing site followed, and I procrastinated a little longer:

Not only does Sir Ken present his ideas in an entertaining and humorous way, but he makes some eye-opening points into the state of our education system now, and what it should or could be:

Children’s creativity is being squandered ruthlessly, buy an outdated ‘factory-esk’ education system. Children who are fidgety, eccentric or enjoy drawing more than literacy are brandished as non-academic or sufferers of ADHD. As a result – their confidence drops, and their originality dwindles.

• Under the current UK system, to ‘win’ at school and education, is going into professions such as being a University Professor. These people often live in their heads, becoming dis-embodied. Although obviously highly intelligent and valuable to society, being a professor is just ‘a form of life’ and not the ‘high-watermark of human achievement’.

• The current system worldwide has a unwritten hierarchy. Science and Maths > Humanities > Arts. And within arts is Arts & Music > Drama & Dance. Sir Ken mentions ‘Gillian Lynne’ (choreographer for high grossing musicals such as CATS) was poor at school originally. She was then moved and nurtured at dance school. Since then, she’s been responsible for some of the most successful music productions in history. She’s given pleasure to millions. And she’s a multi millionaire. Considering examples such as this, Why is Dance less important than Maths?

I think Sir Ken’s views are poignant and massively relevant to the changes in modern society as we know it. Creativity is needed to create new ideas for us as a whole, and (no matter how far-fetched it sounds) should be recognised on the same stead as literacy by education systems worldwide.

I feel an internet campaign coming on – Let me know if you’ll support it!