KLM is at the forefront of social media marketing. Some of their campaigns are very inspirational, take their Surprise campaign as an example where they give away gifts to customers who are waiting for their flight in Airports. Recently, they have launched yet another very inspirational campaign targeting their Twitter audience.

The KLM Live Reply

According to KLM, “To show the world KLM’s helpful social media service, we’ve replaced normal Facebook and Twitter typed responses with a living alaphabet made up of 140 KLM employees. This dedicated crew responds to tweets and posts in a unique way, by running around and assembling the answer live before your eyes, within the hour.”

Here are a few examples:

Now this is all good and very well thought. I really love the “outside the box” thinking behind this campaign and hit tip to the old grey-haired executive who gave this idea the go ahead but I have one concern.

KLM states that it will “answer every tweet and post in person. Within the hours, Day and night.”, this statement is found in all their KLM Live Reply videos so far. I wonder what would happen if this goes viral and all of sudden 100k people start interacting with KLM, would they be able to hold on to that statement? I guess it would be almost impossible.