How can I make link building more interesting?

At the moment I am in the middle of taking on a number of link building projects and as much it needs to be done there aren’t many of you out there that can admit that you look forward to slogging out a massive link building campaign – and if you are admitting it out loud right now, it’s only because your boss is reading this with you.

I like to think of link building as a long haul flight (with a screaming child sitting next to you), they are not ideal but have to be done so that you can visit the exotic places of this world or see movement in the rankings, whichever you prefer.

Some different techniques to try

Nowadays a simple link building plan won’t suffice and I think that is a good thing, diversity keeps you interested and challenge you to try and find the most effective way of obtaining a link – that’s right, link building is still going to challenge you and irritate you! We have to think of links that are beneficial for the consumer or are going to engage with the consumer/reader:

– Infographics – providing some more artistic licence and creativity, they are good way of generating high volumes of anchor text links by including an attribute link at the bottom of the graphic which automatically get placed when somebody uses the embed code.

– Shopping directory listings – at the end of the day it’s still a directory but it is different to your usual listings and it can also be more relevant and target a more specific audience and your link can lead to direct sales (ask your boss for commission).

– Competitions – Everyone loves a competition and if they don’t then they are cold hearted and don’t like Christmas and other great days of the year. A competition can spark interest amongst an online community and gain social interest which can often attract links from forums and blogs.

– Discount Codes – when done properly, can have a very positive effect – can increase sales and generate a buzz online.

– Get in with the bloggers – the blogging community are very powerful group of people online, and can provide a lot of influence to your site. Provide them with an excuse to want to come to your site – genuine reasons – contribute with good content and expert opinions.

When done effectively and mixed in and balanced with your normal (slightly more routine link building) this can make for a very strong link portfolio, and at the risk of being ridiculed by work colleagues, especially the design guys, it can be quiet fun and its quiet easy, when setting up a competition to forget that it is for link building purposes.
When you are stuck doing the slightly less entertaining side of link building there are simple ways to keep yourself entertained:

Some non link building tips

– Listen to music – doesn’t matter what it is, but music can be relaxing and take your mind of the repetitive nature that is submitting links to directories.

– Hourly intervals – every hour or so take a quick walk or offer to make the guys in the office a coffee – just be careful, you don’t want to be stuck making 20 cups of coffee. Incidentally, is a great place to settle who’s making the tea debates.

– Negotiate – now we should always strive to get a link for the best possible deal but sometimes there are ones that no matter what you try they won’t come down to your offer – give it a go. Imagine how happy your boss would be if you saved him money by negotiating your behind off to get the best possible deal, you may even get a pat on the back for it.

We all realise that link building is a factor to contributing to the rankings and so we know it has to be done, as much as we may want to kick and scream about it. But if done effectively with the right approach and applying a variety of techniques the final results can make for very pleasant reading, not only in rankings but also in traffic and conversion. So stop reading and get back to link building, now!!