Answer: Yes, it is.

“Expert” and “guru” are two words that I hate profoundly. They are probably the most abused words in the social media marketing circles. I have a lot of respect for the genius marketing brains working for KKLD, Vanksen, Ogilvy & Mather and the likes there of. Why? Because they don’t talk gibberish, they don’t pontificate and more importantly they avoid using the aforementioned horrible words (Well, they do but occasionally)!

The “expert” and “guru” types are the great pretenders, swindling phonies who make money by conning aging executives who simply take their advice because social media is an alien territory for them.

It is a common thing these days, everyone is jumping on the wagon. Many big brands are leveraging traditional media such as posters, billboards, TV ads etc. to drive visitors to their Facebook page. Basically, these brands are promoting their Facebook pages as a primary destination for their brand instead of driving traffic to their corporate website or a dedicated microsite.

Building on rented land?

Nearly all prominent examples of traditional media adverts tagged with a Facebook address are targeted towards younger audiences which makes sense to some extent. The Fan Pages that are being promoted are regularly updated and administered. Some brands invest in Facebook apps tied with their Fan pages to keep their audience engaged. For example, Lynx offers an interactive game while Smirnoff promotes club nights and so on.

Here are a couple of examples:


Most of you social media folks might disagree with me but I think diverting such a huge portion of your traffic to a page on Facebook is a crazy idea. Why not drive that traffic to your website where you have absolute control over everything? Why not drive that traffic to your website so that one day you are not at the mercy of Facebook?

Building on rented land is stupid, stop sending your valuable traffic to Facebook! You should utilize Facebook to drive traffic to your website and not the other way around!