I recently read an awesome book on the top 100 great marketing ideas. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is into marketing and in particular to those who work in the digital marketing industry i.e. internet marketing agency staff. Some of the ideas covered in the book are simply ingenious, below is an excerpt from page 62 titled “Turn a disadvantage to an advantage”.

When Avis car hire was founded by Warren Avis in 1946, the company had a total of three cars. By 1953, it was the second-largest car hire company in America behind Hertz. Somehow Avis couldn’t catch up with Hertz, so in 1962 the company turned an apparent disadvantage to an advantage by adopting the slogan “We’re Number Two—So We Try Harder.”

This slogan is extremely powerful on a number of levels. First, it gives the immediate impression that Avis will do more for the customer than will Hertz. Second, it gives the impression that Hertz, as the market leader, is complacent and resting on its laurels. Third, it appeals to people’s sympathy for the underdog. Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, it is easily memorable. The Avis slogan is one of the best known in the world. Nowadays, the company still has not caught up with Hertz, but it is very close behind—if Avis ever did catch Hertz, of course, the slogan would no longer apply.

  • Think about your main disadvantage, compared with the market leader.
  • Think about how that disadvantage can be seen as an advantage.
  • Express the idea in less than ten words.
  • Make it punchy and memorable.

Excerpt from 100 Great Marketing Ideas (100 Great Ideas): From leading companies around the world by Jim Blythe

I find the idea of “We’re Number Two—So We Try Harder” as amusing as Comparethemarket’s marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns have unique flavour of creative thinking behind them, they are attention grabbing, witty and above all effective. Such campaigns make you think, they don’t blend in with all the other marketing noise that surround us.