Conversion optimisation is an important and fruitful part of digital marketing. It is an area of digital marketing that I am passionate about as it brings forth the convergence of science, art, data and psychology.

One of the best ways to start CRO on your site is to start studying what your competitor’s are doing, identify what could be working for them and apply it for your own site. You could start by studying your competitor’s HTML output to see if they are using any A/B testing tools such as Visual Website Optimizer, Google Experiments, Optimizely etc.

Once you have established that your competitor is carrying out A/B tests, you then need to keep an eye on their site or specific landing pages to capture their various tests. This process enables you to learn about their tests and at some point you will be able to identify their winners – you can then use elements of their “winner” variation and apply them within your landing pages.

KISSMetrics A/B Tests

Below are three different KISSMetrics variations that we identified.


Variation 1

Notice how KISSMetrics is using a simple message, a person’s image and a simple call to action to persuade users to sign up. The main thing about this test is the fact that KISSMetrics is enabling users to sign up with their Google Account which means that the sign up process looks easy and a click of a button away.


Variation 2

The second variation uses a simple form and persuasive messaging. The key thing about this variation is the compact form and the credit card messaging. Effectively, KISSMetrics is indicating how simple it is to sign up and that users don’t need to enter credit card details and they can cancel anytime. This type of approach brings about a sense of simplicity and trust in users’ minds.


Variation 3

The third variation is slightly complicated but it contains further messaging that highlights KISSMetric’s benefits. In this variation KISSMetrics is putting a lot of emphasis on the benefits of their product. Note that they are not emphasizing the features of their product but are shouting about the benefits – this is crucial. Furthermore, the compact form using a contrasted background in the sidebar stands out.


So here is an interesting question. If you are/were running a SaaS business similar to KISSMetrics, which one of the above variations would you use in your tests? And more importantly, which one do you think should/would win?