“Explain to Internet marketers why they need your book Dee” is the blog topic that any author dreams of especially in their frantic pre-launch phase…

But let’s park that for a moment because I suspect that your desire to hear about my book is not as strong as mine is to promote it.  Let’s discuss a subject that I know is close to both our hearts namely:

How to win more clients and keep them

Today, clients want it all.  They may not tell you this but if you deliver less than they expected or, even what they expected, you may be vulnerable.  A more zealous competitor bearing a bigger bag of tricks can be all that’s needed to lure your client to a new promised land.

Dammit.  You lost the business and not because you were poor.  You simply fell short of exceptional.

This begs the question; as an Internet marketer how can you become exceptional?

Well, I’m assuming that you know your stuff but, if you want to turn your clients into raving fans, you must demonstrate a clear understanding of what marketing actually means; the tried and trusted principles.

This includes being able to talk to clients about:

  • their target audiences
  • segmentation
  • branding and the 3C’s
  • the Continuum of Behaviour,
  • their Positioning Statement
  • how your valuable work fits into their tactical marketing plan.

You’ll score points in abundance if you can demonstrate your sound grasp of the decision-making units and the decision-making processes within your client’s universe too.

Accomplish this and you’ll stand out from competitors relying on their Internet skills alone.   You’ll be asking incisive and relevant questions that will leave your client marvelling at your brilliance.  “Hey, we haven’t just got an Internet marketer; we’ve got a marketing focused business partner who really does understand our world.”

Where do you start?

My second book, launched June 29 will give you the answers and more.  No-nonsense, practical expert marketing commonsense.   The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book.  380 pages of marketing gems for Internet marketers; £15.  You might even find my current bestseller Powerful Marketing on a Shoestring Budget for Small Businesses a real help too.