Important! This post is out of date. Twitter works differently now. Please see my latest post for Shortening your URL in Twitter’s own format

Can’t find a Tweet Button on your favourite website, and you want your site in Twitter’s URL shortened format?

Here’s one way we’ve found…

Without a Tweet Button, trying to share a site via Twitter’s own URL shortener service might be a little problematic. And using Twitter’s own messaging system to get the URL of your site might be a bit laborious too.

However, one pitfall is that it still requires a Twitter account to see your shortened URL. But you might find it handy if you wanted to Tweet about the site anyways as it is effectively a Tweet/Share button.

How to convert your URL in format from Twitter.

One way of overcoming this is to copy the URL of the website you want shortened and append it to a URL Twitter uses itself.

For instance…

Then you can copy the generated URL from the share Tweet box provided.

Hope this helps (for the time being anyways).