Finding your way around the new version of Google Analytics can still present a few problems for some users.

Google has also recently updated the beta version (again) so some users who thought about trying the new version might feel they are losing touch. It is easy once you get the hang of it though. There are far quicker ways of achieving this, however, the aim here is to be familiar with the process.

Here is a tutorial on how to share your Google Analytics, both accounts and profiles, in the new version. (For sharing in the Old Version of Analytics see this post).

Getting our bearings

First, in the new version, we need to get our bearings and start at the same place – Google Analytics has a habit of remembering what you have pressed whether you are in an account, a profile, or in settings, etc. So bring up Google Analytics…

1. Click on the “All Accounts” button to present your list of accounts

2. From within the “All Accounts” dropdown click on the “Accounts List” button

Google Analytics New Version Dropdown Menu

Google Analytics “All Accounts” Dropdown Menu

Now select Settings

Now with Analytics displaying the “Account Home” page we should be on the same footing.

3. Click on the Gear Icon (the Settings button) on the right of the main orange navigation bar

Click Settings (Gear Icon)

Highlighted: The Gear Icon (the Settings button)

You should now have the “Account Administration” page displayed, similar to below.

Account administration page

The Account Administration page

Now select an Account

4. Select the account you wish to share. Use the search field to make life easier if you have a large list of accounts.

5. After selecting an account click on the “Users” tab. You will now see a list of email addresses associated with the account.

6. Now press the “+New User” button (See pic highlighted below).

Account: Create New User

Create New User for Account

Sharing a Google Analytics Account or Profile

7. You should now be presented with the “Add user to account” section. Here you start with entering an email address you wish to share – making sure it is a registered Google Account and the correct address.

Add user to account section

Add user to account section

Warning! Security note: Accounts contain Profiles, so if you share an Account you will be sharing all the Profiles contained within that Account as well. Also, giving Administration rights to another user gives them rights to do whatever they want (malicious or otherwise, including deleting the account itself). If in doubt, share profiles rather than giving administrative rights.

8. Next, choose a Role. There are 2 Roles: “User” (limited to viewing reports only), and “Administrator” (full rights and privileges for handling the account).

If you are looking to share a profile (or profiles) select “User” and scroll down to the list of available profiles within the account. Select a profile and click the “Add »” button located in the middle – it will now populate the right-hand box with your selected profile/s. If you have a lot of profiles to share you can also hold down the CTRL key to select multiple profiles. If you do not select a profile all the other account would see is a blank profile.

If you are sharing an Account this should be straight forward, selecting this role will collapse the box containing the available profiles.

9. Lastly, click “Create User”.


You should now have successfully shared your Google Analytics with another account. Make sure to confirm that it has access.

Updating a Shared User on Analytics

Sometimes you might want to change the role of the user or add more profile to their account. If you need to update an account you will need Administrator rights. Visit the “Account Administration” page and select the account you wish to amend. Click on the “Users” tab and hit the “settings” link (located at the end of the row of the account you wish to amend).

Deleting a shared User from your Analytics

Deleting a shared user from your Analytics will require Administrator rights also. Visit the “Account Administration” page and select the account you wish to amend. Click on the “Users” tab and hit the “delete” link (located at the end of the row of the account you wish to delete).