Webinars are very different to presenting to a live audience. You have no eye contact or feedback from the audience. You live and die with a webinar on the value of your content. So how can you make your webinar great?

Planning – You need to execute a webinar brilliantly to keep people online. Don’t “wing it”. You need a solid story – so build the right foundations, get a solid structure and put in place the right technical resources to execute it professionally.

Show people – In a webinar you should make sure you raise relevant examples to illustrate your points. You should use your voice, images and sound to create a webinar full of vibrancy. Use case studies, anecdotes and client stories to express your thoughts. Show any products you are discussing in action. Bring them to life and make them human.

Share it – Make sure that it is a two way conversation. Enable the community watching it to engage with you and each other through live chat mechanisms. This will encourage people to hang around and participate in the subject. It will be a more rewarding experience or everyone involved.