Google+ Local pages are very unique although they share the functionality of other Google+ Pages. Google+ Local pages have features that allow consumers to connect and engage with a business’s brick and mortar location. For example, a Google+ Local page includes a map highlighting the location of the business along with its physical address, phone number and hours of operation.

Here are 10 easy steps on how to create a Google+ Local page for your business:

1. Sign in to your Google+ Account if you haven’t got one then you need to create a Google+ profile.

2. Once logged in click on Pages under  More on the left.



3. Click the Create a new page button in the upper right.


4. Select the Local Business or Place category.


5. Type in your business’s phone number and click Locate. Make sure that the phone number you use is a business line and not a personal or mobile phone number.

6. If you see your business listed, click on your business’s name. You’ll be able to edit the address later if anything is incorrect. If the name of your business doesn’t appear, click Add your business to Google or Look up a different number to try again.

7. Enter or edit basic information about your business, including business name, phone number, and address. If Google already has information about your business, you’ll be asked to confirm it. You can also edit any information that’s incorrect.


8. Add categories to your local page to help users better understand what your business does. In the Category box, select the main category that best describes your business.


9. Select an age requirement that’s appropriate for your business.

10. Click Create, and you’re done! Now you can visit your page and add even more details about your business, like hours, your website, and more contact information.

 Google+ Local Analytics

You can use Google Places for Business now that your local listing has been migrated to Google+ local. You might notice some changes in the statistics that appear in your Google Places Dashboard. While Google Places will still display traffic statistics, these numbers will represent traffic to your new Google+ page. There may be an increase or decrease in the traffic statistics because of changes to how we’re collecting and reporting data. The actual amount of traffic to your Google+ page may not be changing, so you don’t have to worry about customers not finding your page.

Verifying your Google+ Local page

Google has not yet released the ability to verify your migrated Google+ Local page. Over the coming months, they will start rolling out the ability to verify the Google+ Local page that has been upgraded from your existing Google Places business listing.

Google+ Pages TOS for Contests and Promotions

Under Google’s terms of service you are allowed to run contests, offers, coupons or any kind of similar promotions directly on your Google+ Page. You can however display a link on your Google+ Page to a separate site where your promotion or contest is hosted.