As an MD of a growing business we are constantly looking for new digital and sales talent – not to mention new clients. LinkedIn is a great source of data for us and if you maximise your profiles impact you can attract the right attention – whether it be new clients or prospective employers.

So how do you make your LinkedIn profile stand out?

Firstly avoid a few things:

Do not copy and paste your CV into it. CV rhetoric does not translate to a tone suited to a social media platform. Do not talk in the third person – it must be personal and real.

So what can you do to make your listing stand out?

People using the web are impatient and browse/skim rather than read. You have very little time to impress them so don’t hang around. You have to get the core detail, make it memorable and tease the reader to find out more. If you achieve this then the reader will delve into the detail.

Write it yourself. Seems obvious – but too many people pass it to a friend or colleague who ‘gets social media’. The result is often a clinical representation of you or it uses an inaccurate tone. Make it yours, represent your personality through it and never use the third person.

My company specialise in SEO (search engine optimisation). This – in short – is getting to the top of Google for specific search terms. On LinkedIn you need to think like my SEO team – because most people will find you by typing in a variety of searches. So what do you want to be found for? Figure this out and be sure that it appears in the right parts of your summary.

Keep it short. The average visitor to a small website spends little over a minute on it. So how long have you got? Maybe 20 seconds. So keep it to a few paragraphs and make it engaging. Remember – provoke thought/questions to make the browser dig a bit deeper.

Keep up to speed. Make sure you keep your profile fresh with your latest achievements. You should also share content via LinkedIn to show you are an expert in your field then link this through to your Twitter feed to kill two birds with one stone.

I hope this helps in some way as LinkedIn is a goldmine if used effectively.