You can now ignore individuals on Google+.  You can do this by clicking “Ignore” next to their name via a notification from the black Google+ bar, from the Notifications stream, or by highlighting their name from your Circles page, you will no longer see their posts in the Incoming stream, get notifications about their activities, or see them on your Circles page. If you hit the ignore button on someone, that person won’t be notified by Google+. The fact that Google+ doesn’t notify the blocked party is a interesting touch and perhaps useful in some cases.

But there is a tiny flaw in saying that “the ignored party won’t know” because when you block someone they won’t see anything you share. Of course, if they see your posts in on Google search result then it would be obvious that you have blocked them.

How to ignore people on Google+

You can ignore someone from the following places:

  • The notifications in your Google+ bar
  • Your Incoming stream
  • Under the ‘People who have added you’ tab while editing your circles

When you ignore a person:

  • They’ll be removed from the list of ‘People who have added you.’
  • New content will no longer be delivered to your Incoming stream, and content they’ve already shared will be removed from Incoming.
  • Their mentions of you won’t appear in your stream and you won’t receive a notification for them.

To access the list of all of the people you’ve ignored, click the Circles icon at the top of the stream, click More actions, and select View ignored. If you decide to add a person you previously ignored to a circle, that person will be removed from the list.

Keep in mind that ignoring someone is not the same as blocking. An ignored person will still be able to comment on your public posts, tag you in photos, and add you to circles. You’ll still receive notifications when an ignored person tags you in a photo. In addition, people you’ve ignored may appear as a suggestion again at a later time.

How to block people on Google+

To block someone:

  1. Go to their profile.
  2. On the side of the profile click Block [person’s name].
  3. Confirm that you want to block that person.

You can also block someone by placing them in your Blocked circle while editing your circles, via the drop-down arrow at the top of one of their posts, or by clicking Block in a notification email you received from that person.

When you block someone:

  • You won’t see their content in the stream or on Incoming (even though you’ll remain in their circles).
  • They’ll be removed from any circles of yours that they appear in.
  • They’ll be removed from your extended circles even if you have mutual connections.
  • They won’t be able to comment on your content that was posted after they were blocked.
  • They won’t be able to view content shared with your circles (although they may still see content you post publicly).
  • They won’t be able to mention you in posts or comments.

When you block someone, we won’t notify them. But since blocking someone limits the interactions that person can have with you, they may work out that they’ve been blocked.

 Here is a video outlining the new features added on Google+.