Summary: Tutorial on adding other users to a Google Analytics profile.
Requirements: A Google Analytics account with at least 1 profile;
An email address associated with a Google Account.

At Elevate sometimes we require that we have access to a company’s Google Analytics so we can assess their traffic, keywords, what’s working and what’s not, etc. And we’ve found that there are quite a few people who have problems with attaching their Analytics, so here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. Log in to your account at Google Analytics.
  2. Click on the name of the Account you want to attach.
  3. Click User ManagerĀ» located underneath the main table containing your profile.
  4. Within the User Manager click + Add User (located in the right of the title bar above the main table containing your profile).
  5. In the Create New User For Access section, underneath Enter User Information, enter the email address of the user who you wish to attach your Analytics to. (Note: the email address you enter must be a valid Google Account login as well).
  6. Now choose an Access Type from the dropdown menu. Here there are 2 options “View reports only” and “Account Administrator”, the difference being that by selecting Account Administrator you give the attachee full rights and privileges to alter the profile(s), or, in a worse case scenario, even delete them. Whereas with “View reports only” the attachee can only view the profiles and not be able to alter them in any way – the far safer option.
  7. If you choose to select “View reports only” from the dropdown menu make sure you also select a profile from the Available Website Profiles box and click the Add button located in the middle. Otherwise all the other account would see is a blank profile.
  8. Now click Save Changes and et voila! Hopefully you have successfully added your profile to another Analytics account. To check, ask the owner of the newly attached Analytics account to log in and verify.