If you are unlucky enough to be faced with the mundane soul-destroying task that is link removal, fear not! For I have found the remedy.

At RocketMill, we spent quite some time looking into ways in which we can make the process of link removal as efficient as possible. Our solution was CognitiveSEO.

cognitiveseo logo

Thanks to some of the features of  CognitiveSEO, I no longer hate link removal and I am able to classify links and domains in a fraction of the time it would usually take when doing this manually. Previously, I would get through 500-600 domains in a day using a spreadsheet. Thanks to CognitiveSEO, I do this in under an hour and a half.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that have kept me from physically attacking the nearest colleague!

Unnatural Links Detection

Within the inbound link analysis dashboard, you are presented with a backlink profile assessment carried out by an automated process.
If you require 100% certainty and wish to check the links manually, they have even made this process quick.

Unnatural backlink detector
The unnatural links detector even goes as far as creating a disavow file for you and takes you to the submission page within Google Webmaster tools.

Introducing the unnatural Links navigator

I’m not sure if it’s possible to say this without losing all street credibility. But this feature actually made link assessment rather pleasant.
Below are a couple of screenshots of just some of the handy features within the unnatural links navigator.

Automatic link classification

Within the unnatural links classifier, each domain/link is classified as either OK LINK, SUSPECT or UNNATURAL. You are able to quickly navigate through a list of domains and classify links within seconds. By simply using the arrow keys to scroll up and down the list, you can assign the health status of a link by using the keyboard (1 UNNATURAL, 2 SUSPECT, 3 OK LINK). The state selected is then applied to site wide links too.

CognitiveSEO backlink classification feature

URL and Link Issues

One of the main features that helps indicate the quality of the link is the URL bar. Within just a couple of seconds we are able to identify what category the domain falls into, link issues and URL judgement.

For example, within just a couple of seconds of looking at the screenshot below. I was able to identify that the link was a Nofollow link and came from a page with hardly any content, the low authority link label also indicates that the link comes from a site with a very low domain authority.

CognitiveSEO domain quality detector

Locating the offending link

As you can see, the links navigator highlights the offending link in its position within the page. This prevents the user from having to manually locate the link and is particularly handy when locating a keyword specific link. This saved me a lot of time and I no longer had to spend time looking through source code to find those sneaky links.

CognitiveSEO backlink locater

CognitiveSEO backlink classification tool

Using the tool

Using the tool couldn’t be easier. You can use your mouse to navigate and select options. However, if you want to move really quickly, you can use your keyboard, the screenshot below is provided within the unnatural links detector and is very easy to find.

CognitiveSEO unnatural backlinks navigator instructions panel

The keyboard shows all of the outputs that are at your fingertips. You can assign the quality, add filters, tags, list for disavow, the list goes on…

Despite this tool being a recent addition to our team, we have already seen some great benefits and saved a colossal amount of time with the link classification process.

Yes this process is fast but make sure you are thorough, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting this process right, especially if you are submitting a list of sites to be disavowed. If you have got a penalty and are not thorough in your selection, you may find that your reconsideration request gets rejected.

Has anyone else tried Cognitive SEO? Or do you know of any features or uses I haven’t covered? Let me know below and if you have any time saving tips please do share!