Having Good quality scores is extremely important. Quality scores can affect many things in your Adwords account. The most important thing that quality scores affect is the price you pay per click. Having a well optimised Adwords account is extremely important as it can save you a lot of money and get you better results.

Quality Scores – A quality score is given to every keyword you create in Google Adwords. Quality scores range from 1 to 10. The higher your quality score the better. If one of your keywords has a quality score of 1 and a competitor targeting the same word has a quality score of 5 then you may be paying up to five times as much for that click!

There are many things that can affect the quality score for a keyword. The main factors can be seen below:

–          The history of your account. If you have a good historical click through rate then this will have a positive affect

–          The history of performance in the geographical region you are targeting.

–          The copy of your advert. Is your advert copy relevant to the keyword you are targeting? Is the advert linked to the relevant page within your site? Are you over using Capitals or making spelling areas in your advert?

–          The quality of your landing page. Is your landing page relevant to your advert and the keywords you are targeting?

Remember, relevant adverts will earn you more clicks, appear higher on Google and will bring you the most success.