Once you have signed up with a company for SEO services it is essential for business owners to play their part to the smooth running of a SEO campaign as well – occasionally there are a few factors which might be out of the agency’s control. Here, below, are some common pointers that you might want to keep a tab on

1. Change of Address

As soon as there is a change of your business address, even a whiff, always consult your SEO agency. Moving to another location not only involves updating your details on your own website but there is the campaign to look out for (especially if you are targeting localised areas) and there is updating to be done offsite as well – especially when Google+ Local is concerned.

Changing address without consulting your SEO company is likely to have a negative impact after several months of moving location for both rankings and your business.

2. Updates To Your Website

Always notify your SEO company if you are about to make some major changes to your website. It is quite common for companies to use a 3rd party web designer or a developer to make changes to the site but often neglect informing those who handle the SEO of any changes.

Typically what happens with amendments or structural changes is that they may lead to broken pages, broken links pointing to your site, and/or content which was originally optimised for SEO purposes. When these have been altered the unknown is unleashed on your rankings.

When updating your site consult your SEO company and if you have a 3rd party developer making the changes ask them to get in touch too.

3. Domain Expiry & Hosting

Keep a tab on when domains are expiring and when hosting is up for renewal. Sometimes controlling the domain and/or hosting is out of the SEO firm’s grasp, it is therefore essential for you, the business owner, to keep a tab on who else looks after them and when they expire -making sure the email notifications for renewal are accessible by you or one of your staff.

It is always best to renew your domain as soon as possible and have your hosting set to auto-renew.

Expect pain if a domain or hosting goes down: no website, possibly no email, no custom and hurt in the rankings.

4. News, Reviews, Events & Sign Ups

Always keep your SEO company in the loop, let them know of your company’s goings on. Send them an email, for instance, when your company has become a member of an organisation, or has been accredited for something relevant to your industry, you have a job available, or you’re holding or attending an event – even if someone has left a positive review somewhere – in most cases SEO’s will be able to do something with that information.

In Summary

The common theme you may notice is from a lack of communication for things to go potentially wrong, but keeping them informed has its bonuses too.

A lot of good SEO companies do reiterate what to watch out for and when to get in touch, but sometimes you might need that little bit of assurance on what to look out for.