possible bloggers reaction* when asked for a free link
*Not really

There are many ways to get in touch with bloggers, some more successful than others and some that will reap more rewards than others. The key thing to remember every time is whether you are getting value for what you are giving up in return e.g a big prize, money, a reciprocal link (which we wouldn’t actually do, but people ask for them).

Depending on what your client offers plays a role in what you can offer, winning a bouquet of flowers (take note people, Mother’s Day is round the corner and mums are expecting gifts) is far more exciting than winning a round of golf for four (ok that’s a blatant lie as this is probably every dads ideal gift for father’s day, again take note). It is more exciting than winning a lesson on how to polish shoes (check no clients specialise in this and get offended… check). The point is you can only work with what you are presented with.

Here are some different options and ways of getting in touch with bloggers:

  • Competition – a competition is fun and exciting and allows you to be creative, but don’t get carried away, the more entry’s the better so don’t exclude people with a tough question, the simple competitions often work best, even if it is using rafflecopter which is simple enough and will make sure anyone who’s anyone can enter.
  • Guest posting – these are or should be seen as mutually beneficial although it is not always seen like this. Your providing a blog with some **great** content and in return we are hoping to get a link within our own content.
  • Broken links – this again is mutually beneficial to both you and the site/blog owner. Finding a broken link on someone’s site that is relevant to yours is not only the perfect ice breaker for your 1st email but is also a great opportunity to have a link to one of your pages replace this broken link, provided it’s relevant.
  • Reviews – as great as a review may be, you first want to ensure your product is not going to get slammed, forget the clichés of bad press is good press. Not in this instance, for only a link in return. It would actually be quite nice to receive a positive review on top of a link back to one of chosen landing pages. This is very much a case of choosing the right company and make sure it is worth it as well, if you’re giving away a free product then the site reviewing it should be relatable.
  • Brand Mentions – from time to time an opportunity may present itself where your company name may be mentioned in an article or blog post already. Great if it’s something nice – now we need to capitalise on this opportunity. Email the site owner or creator of the article and ask them whether it is possible to have a link back from their piece of work so that people can easily navigate to the company that they have just been raving about.

These techniques help and certainly increase your chances of getting an email back as they often provide something in return to the site owner – except for the last one, which is more of a goodwill gesture for mentioning your brand. But there will still be frustration and time taken in compiling these emails, but it does allow you to think outside the box and away from the good old days of begging for links by throwing stupid money at site owner so that in return you can have site wide link on all 2500 pages of their site and no one wants to see that, it gives SEO’rs a bad name.