Just a quick note on a Friday to make your next week of PPC Management a little easier. Here are some tools you will be proper chuffed with:

1. AdWords Editor – Make bulk changes, import/export/copy campaigns, ad groups, keywords, the lot. Free to download and makes a 5 hour job a 30 minute job.

2. Automated Rules – Always want to appear at the top of the page for a priority keyword? Set an Automated Rule to increase your max CPC bid by X% (you choose) every time your ad drops below Position X (again, your choice). This can be done by clicking ‘Automate Rules’ in the AdWords tabel view and clicking ‘Create Rule’. There are huge numbers of combinations for the rules you can create so have a play around!

3. Placement Tool – Want to find relevant placements for your display network campaign? Whack a few keywords into the Placement Tool and have a look at profiles for the sites that appear. View user demographic, permitted ad formats for the site and visitor stats. Bob’s your Uncle, there are your placements!

4. AdWords Wrapper – Make match types quicker to implement! This is the one I use but BMM is not included in the match type features as this wrapper is OLD.

5. Ad Preview Tool – Do you keep searching your own keywords and not seeing your ad? Stop being a doughnut and use the ad preview tool!  This tool simulates Google but without counting your searches as impressions AND without mangling the results page due to Google freaking out about your IP address and click fraud.

So there we are  – 5 ways to make your PPC life easier! Have a good weekend Googlers!