We know Google loves testing everything, particularly when it comes to colours. I think Marissa Mayer was known for her data driven decisions and apparently had tested over 100 shades of blue to settle on a specific colour for links.

Google has made a lot of changes to AdWords Ads over the years, some because they were forced to and some because they wanted to improve click through rates. One thing that is clear is that they have tried to make the background colour of the ads as faint as possible to a degree that some people might struggle to differentiate between organic and paid listings due to viewing angle or simply by not having a calibrated monitor – very clever indeed!

A minor change in to the colour of these ads can make Google a lot of money through AdWords hence all the testing. Here is what the old background colour looked like (for most people)


As you can see, it used to be a very earthy colour and it could easily be missed if you were looking at it from different angles etc. This evening I noticed that Google is testing a new colour for the background – non other than a faint pistachio hue, see below.


I like the new colour, it makes the ads stand out a bit, at least on my current monitor. Monitors, viewing angles, resolutions, light in the environment, all of the aforementioned things make a huge difference when it comes to these background colours and I bet Google is taking full advantage of these factors to ensure that the vast portion of users don’t notice the difference between organic and paid listings. Personally, I won’t blame them for this as it is the main source of the revenue.

Are you seeing the same shade?