A while back Google made a minor adjustment to its algorithm by allowing more than two results from the same domain. Now, Google has tweaked its algorithm further by showing additional results for certain queries. Google’s justifies the latest tweak by saying that:

As before, we still provide links to results from a variety of domains to ensure people find a diverse set of sources relevant to their searches. However, when our algorithms predict pages from a particular site are likely to be most relevant, it makes sense to provide additional direct links in our search results

So the question is, what will happen to your website if you are appear in the bottom segment of the SERPs for your niche keywords? Unfortunately, if a query triggers the latest tweak then it is very likely that you are going to be pushed to the seconds page as Google may decide to show up to four results from a single authoritative domain.

If you appear in the bottom segment of SERPs for your niche keywords then you should try to put out quality content across a few pages of you are website making sure you there inline internal links to the all your authority pages.