Summary: Users are unable to leave a review whereby the publish button is disabled.
Other Symptoms: The page is disabled when rating.

Update: This bug appears to have been fixed.

I noticed on my ventures on the Web recently that a few people have had problems with leaving reviews on Google Places recently. Particularly the problem where the publish button is not enabled (thus not being able to leave a review). Other symptoms include where the browser appears to freeze when rating (almost as if Google wants to load a dialog box and grey out the content and disabling all the links, the input area, etc.)

Anyways, it began when a client of ours wanted to leave a review for another third party company we put them in touch with and asked me why Google Places’ publish button was not working. I logged into my account and wasn’t experiencing this. So I looked in the Google help forums and had no success there, a lot of questions, but no answers.

So I created a new Google account to see if I could get the same results, and indeed, when leaving a review the publish button was disabled even when pre-filling the input box with text.

The Solution

It seems obvious now, but Google never gave me the opportunity to sign up to HotPot (Google’s relatively new app for rating and reviewing). I am guessing that is why it appears to freeze when making a rating first as it probably wants to load up a dialog box with a requirement to sign up to HotPot before going any further with the review.

So in short, the solution is to sign up to Google’s HotPot ( ). And all your reviewing woes should go away.


It appears this now has been fixed. Below, a screenshot of what it currently looks like.

google places publish button fixed