Already proving popular with Google Map users is their new facet of weather display for your chosen location. As well as seeing your local weather you can also see the weather display for the entire globe. So if you are trying to decide where to go for your hols then this feature will definitely help.

Just click on your point of orientation and the weather will be displayed via appropriate icons. Also a really cool facet to this weather layer is that it allows you to see whether it is day or night in other parts of the world with the display of a sun or moon feature!

How do you access this weather layer? Hover over the widget in the upper right hand corner of your Google Map and select weather from the list. You can drill down a bit more for more detailed info such as wind conditions and humidity as well as the forecast for the next four days.

If you want to change the display from miles per hour to kilometres per hour, or from Fahrenheit to Centigrade, you can do this by zooming out and using the panel on the left of your Google Map.

Google have also added in cloud coverage courtesy of the guys at the US Naval Research Lab.

Other weather info is powered by

There is a little negative feedback from some who consider the icons and numbers not enough info but if you zoom out there is much more content. Of course this is not going to be as quick as mobile Gmaps because that works with SGV, which isn’t broadly supported on desktop at the moment.

That being said there is much more positive feedback for Google’s new feature and brings Google more into line with and competing against other websites.